Living Life on a 5GB Phone

Welcome to the world of “Storage Limit is Almost Full

I know we live in a society where we are lucky to have phones, especially cell phones! Best invention? Or a headache? Or are we just becoming accustomed to the ever-changing world of technology?

Technology moves so fast that it’s hard to keep up unless tech gear is your thing. However, for an everyday casual tech user like myself, I need something that can just get the job done. THAT’S IT!

So talking about my Wind Plan in my last post, I decided to bring in a new iPhone, since only a 5 or 6 version could work with their system. I decided I didn’t want to invest a ton of money into the new iPhone 6. It had so many features that A. Yes, did sound amazing, but  B. Did I really need them?

So I got iPhone 5C and the only amount of space they offered was 8GB. Now I know I said 5GB…so let me explain:

After all their stupid apps they have that NO ONE USES! Or do they? I’m just generalizing the world, but I know NO ONE that uses iBooks or Health or that weird magazine rack they used to have! Shitty you can’t delete it, because it takes up space and then add-on their software updates which leaves you with approximately 5GB of storage. 

This is my current Usage right now. I have 1.2 GB storage remaining. I don’t need a shit ton of apps. I just need my Gmail, Text, Calling and Google Maps (I’m directionally challenged).

My luxury apps are: Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, VSCO Cam and CP Pro. I like taking pictures.

I currently only have 13 pictures on my phone.

Working with approximately 5GB of storage allows me to be a minimalist with my apps I choose to have on my phone as a luxury. It allows me to keep track of which pictures are important and which ones I don’t really need. Also, it’s super helpful because I upload my pictures right away on my Dropbox to my computer to organize files by date and location. Who hates uploading 100 images of brunch with friends and trying to delete the ones you hate?

Yes, I did hate the sign that says “Storage Almost Full” every single day since I bought it. And yes I wanted to throw my phone. BUT…. that sign is just a reminder I have stuff on my phone that I don’t really need and it won’t work unless I minimize it.

In the end having no phone would be what the die-hard minimalist would hope for… but let’s take it one step at a time. Life ain’t no cabin in the woods yet.


Cell Phone Bill Minimalist

Ready to downsize and feel more free with your cell phone bill?

Downsizing technology can be frustrating and scary, especially when we have so many cool gadgets, accessories and phone plans/providers at our disposal.

A year ago I decided to switch my cell phone provider from Bell to Wind. I’m not here to promote Wind or bash Bell by any means. However, I do love paying less a month with a few extra perks… but those perks come with frustration as well that you just got to breathe through.

Let me explain…

When I first got a cell phone I was under a family plan and had a discount since my Dad had worked for Bell. So a typical phone bill went from $80 to $60 a month with his discount added…Not too bad… However, that only covered the basics. It wasn’t unlimited, I had certain limitations and when I went over on data, that extra cost started to get annoying.

I wanted to be a bit more independent and our family plan was coming due. So I put on my big girl pants (as my sister says) and went solo. The plan was Wind’s Freedom 35.


Wind only sells Samsung phones. So for my work, productivity and familiarity, I bought an iPhone and brought that in (I’ll go into my iPhone minimalism in another post).

Now their Freedom 35 plan is as follows: unlimited text, talk and data in Canada for $35 plus tax a month. If you want to go to the States at anytime, they have a $15 plan for their unlimited talk, text and data.

Having a phone bill go from $60 to $35  is huge for me! Saving $25 a month allows me to invest it in my RRSP’s monthly.

Some annoying quirks:

  • Their phone towers aren’t as crazy wide-spread like Bell or Rogers
  • Depending on where you are the service might not be the best and might switch to WindAway
  • The voice clarity isn’t the best quality; however, you can still talk and hear the person
  • Depending on the building you’re in and location, it takes awhile for a text to be sent through and for the internet to refresh and open

The key is, even though there are quirks, it still gets the job done for what I need. Plus, there’s hope that the Phone Towers will continue to spread across Canada and the States

So for now, this is my minimalist approach to downsizing my phone bill. There might be other offers with other providers that fit your lifestyle and your needs, but it’s always a worth to see what’s out there. Where can you save money and with who?

Think about what you really need. It’s that whole “want” or “need” debate. What gets the job done for the less amount and if you don’t mind the quirks, go for it! Remember, our grandparents didn’t have this years ago and they still got by!

Happy phone provider shopping!

xo Danielle

Changing My View

Hi there! So this is a little new for me blogging this way, especially about something I’m not a complete expert in, but I want to learn to be: being a minimalist.

I’ve had many conversations with friends about how to minimize things in your life, from technology, to clothes, relationships, money… everything!

For me, being a minimalist is being okay with what I already have and tossing out the things that don’t bring me joy or that don’t allow me to focus.

Focus is a big thing for me this year; living life with intent. I have many creative projects on the go and my mind is constantly thinking about new ideas. I don’t have time to stress about “did I organize my receipts right”… “what will I wear tomorrow”…. Sometimes the amount of things we have hinder our creative process.

Another big thing for me is I will be moving out in 1 month. Not just moving out of an apartment, but moving out of my parents house. I’m 26 years old, I know… old to be still with my parents… but I’m super appreciative to them for that. In that time I was allowed to save money and focus on creative things I wanted to do. I didn’t have to get a typical 9 – 5 job that many other friends had that they hated. I know not many of us can be in the same case, so for this I am very lucky. Plus, I live close enough to the city to be able to travel in for work and meetings.

The reason why I’m moving out of my great living situation is my boyfriend and I want to start a home together. That’s a good reason to leave a perfectly amazing living situation (free living and food!) to being an adult and starting a new journey.

I’m scared shitless, not about moving in with someone I love, but more so I’ve never really done this before (and College Residents doesn’t really count).

My main panic is: do I have pots, pans, rugs! The more I think about it, the more hilarious it sounds. I’m more stressed out about finding a whisk for the kitchen!! Embarrassing!

So back to my main topic. Minimalist. This is my journey to becoming a minimalist. It’s like I’m starting a new slate. I have one month before the big move, then when the move happens I have the rest of my life. I’ll update you on my journey, new ideas I’m finding, what’s helping.

But before I leave you…. here are some pictures of my current living situation. My bedroom I’ve been in for 26 years. I call it organized chaos. Maybe I’m organized chaos…but I want to be minimalistic, clear headed and only focused on my creative journey. Any tips along the way is always appreciative!

xo Danielle

My organized chaos… soon to be a minimalist dream:

Hallmark Christmas Movies and Voice Work!

It’s December already? Where has this year gone?

The thing I love the most about this time of year is being with family and watching all the classic Christmas movies. Now, it will come to no surprise to some that Hallmark is the best when it comes to pumping out all the Christmas spirit!

Little plug: (you can catch a few appearances of me in Hallmarks: Mistletoe over Manhattan and Best Christmas Party Ever with Torrey DeVitto)

Funny enough, all the Hallmark films tend to go into production during the summertime. When you’re on set and see Santa wearing ice packs everywhere, first you think “poor guy”, but then no – it takes a lot of dedication to play Santa in the hot heat of July! So I have all the types of respect for all the Santa’s out there!

A cool thing that I got to do this year is called Loop Group. It’s the most fun you’ll have acting and improvising with friends. Loop Group are the voices in the background that help create a sense of space to the scene. This is all done in a recording studio after the movie has been edited. So anytime you see someone on camera talking to a large crowd, we might be that crowd re-acting. Or the noise of customers in a restaurant scene, we’re that!

This year there are a few Hallmark movies I helped Loop Group for. You can catch them this season on your TV!

Merry Matrimony

The Twelfth Day of Christmas

– (I also got to be a radio guest calling in, check it out!)

Christmas Incorporated

xo Danielle